Personal training

At home or in the gym- choose a workout style that works for you. Offering in person (when available) or online training program. Training plans are tailored to an individual and their personal goals. 


In person training: $65-100/session (depends on location)

Online Training: $50/session


Love salsa music, but don’t understand how to dance to it? Let me be your guide. I offer in-person or online dance classes in bachata and salsa. I can also be booked for party choreographies. I have experience in curating and teaching wedding dances to couples and groups.So whether you are getting ready for an event of just want to get comfortable on the dance floor, Let’s do it! CONSULTATIONS ARE COMPLETELY FREE. Everyone has two left feet until they take a lesson. There is a dancer in all of us. 



Nutrition Counseling

How many times have we googled information online about the “perfect” diet or got lost in mixed information about food. Intermittent fasting, keto, low carb, high carb—–WHAAAT DO I DO?!

Then we find ourselves sitting in confusion and frustration, which then leads to a vicious cycling of giving up. 

Let me break this down for you.

There is no Fad diet or special magical formula that will make the changes for you overnight. 

I will help you understand what your body needs to be successful. But more importantly, we dive into WHY we make certain choices and HOW we change them. I can give you a meal plan and send you on your way. Or we can start to change the way we see and feel about food and adhere to a longterm lifestyle of making better choices. Eating healthy should be enjoyable. Feeling good should well….feel good! I take out all the guessing and googling for you, and give you the tools to be successful and a better you. 


$280/ month. 


  • 1 weekly session on day of clients choice. (can be in person or virtual.)
  • personalized meal plans based on clients body type and energy requirements. 
  • Nutrition education and lifestyle changes that stick!

Package Deals

Online Training and Nutrition: $350 per month

  • 4 days per week of individualized training plan
  • 1 weekly nutrition counseling session

“Change your mindset, change your journey.”